Selected Conference Discussions

Can Social Communication Explain the Decline in Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift? by Riyanto, Roy, and Wu

Capitalizing on Retail Investor Sentiment: Evidence from FinTech ETFs by Kang, Sheng, and Sun

Does Market Selection Eliminate Unskilled Investors? Evidence from Chinese Brokerage Account Records by Pearson, Yang, and Zhang

Disagreement of the Employee Crowd and Asset Prices by Sheng

The Golden Revolving Door: Hedging through Hiring Government Officials by Cen, Cohen, Wu, and Zhang

Hidden Alpha by Ammann, Cochardt, Cohen, and Heller

Narrative Asset Pricing: Interpretable Systematic Risk Factors from News Text by Bybee, Kelly, and Su

Ownership Networks and Firm Growth: What Do Forty Million Companies Tell Us About Chinese Economy? by Allen, Cai, Qian, Zhao, and Zhu

Echo Chambers by Cookson, Engelberg, and Mullins

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